What are you doing NOW?

A check in post to those who have been kind to me online and to those who have shared in my personal experience in a positive, fun and sexy way!  Also to those who are bumping into my little part of the matrix for the first time…

How are you doing? Are you checking in with family and friends? Are you taking time for calm and quiet?  These are the things I will be doing in the next couple of days.

Each of us is having a unique experience and at the same time we are all having a shared experience. Nothing has changed in this regard.  What has changed in this moment (now) unique to previous now’s is the shared story affecting our shared experience.

Thinking back to previous now’s, I can personally recall times of fear and times of unsettled states of awareness. I can also recall times of feeling that I have had a compete lack of understanding of what was going on in the world around me and being reliant on media to provide clear unbiased information. There has also been times where I believed everything that was spoon fed to me by mainstream media.

I can think of many movies and TV shows that have very accurately reflected the current now. I have watched shows and experienced the same feelings that I know many are experiencing now from watching any number of chosen media outlets.

I can feel this phenomenon in my gut, and in my heart. The current human awareness is that of fear and hurting coupled with the uncertainty of an unknown future.

The story may be different in this now than previous,  but in some respects things remain very much the same. Life is uncertain. Life has always been uncertain.

I think of the times that I actually knew what my future would look like. I can’t think of any! I look at times when, in looking back I pulled old stories forward affecting the quality of my experience now.

I will be taking a few days to go inward.  I will be meditating and taking trips into the forest.  I will be disconnecting and unplugging.

When I come back and reconnect to social media. I am planning on making myself available in a number of ways for just hanging out, chatting or just simply listening.

I will be available in a non-sexual nature to those who would like some company and social connection.

I will be expecting mature, thoughtful messages regarding any desires to connect with me.

My shows on Chaturbate when I return will be about connection, fun, conversation and any excuse to giggle.

I am sure that I will not be able to refrain from some level of naughtiness 🙂

If you are concerned about cash flow, don’t worry. Do get involved and communicate.  We all are needing a good laugh and some contagious smiles! Yes. Smiles are also contagious! Pass them on as much as humanly possible. Every single chance you get!

My one suggestion to anyone who wants it.  Stay present. Don’t spend much time worrying about the future. When you arrive in the future it will be Now.

Make this moment right now the best it can be.

With Loving Awareness,  Kindness and Gratitude.

Rianna James

One thought on “What are you doing NOW?”

  1. You have the kindess of hearts and the sweetess of souls lady. I have from time to time had the pleasure of chatting with you on cams, you have always been just one Kool Kat in my book. I always enjoy getting to see you smile, hope you find more of those.


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