Run In My Stockings.

I wear stockings almost every day at some point. I simply love how they feel on my skin. I love how they feel against other fabrics. I love how they feel when I run my hands over them.  I love how they feel against a man’s face!

I love how they look, how they frame my ass, how they peek out from under my skirt.

I can usually get three wears out of my stockings if I’m lucky. At times I put a run in them as I’m putting them on or when I’m wearing a nice pair of pumps. You’re thinking of how my stockings smell after a night in pumps aren’t you? Naughty naughty!

A run in my stockings creates a bit of frustration on days when I have a date.  When that happens I have to run out and grab some less than perfect stockings.

The simple solution would be two fold:

  1. More pedicures – Smooth, freshly pedicured toes have less chance of snagging the stockings as I am slowly rolling them over my feet and up my long curvy legs.  Imagine the shine of my freshly painted toes under the sheer material.
  2. More stockings – I am not sure if it is a more issue or perhaps a quality issue? I think a true stocking fetishist like you would know a place to buy your Goddess some next level stockings.

Is that you reading this? Are you the one who knows the place to buy some next level stockings?

Do you want to see your Goddess in these stockings you crave?

You may know of some other online stores to get what you crave but if you don’t, I have created a wish list at Secrets in Lace below.

For pedicures, this is my favorite place:

Spa on 4th

Be a good boy! Brighten my day with your generosity.

If you are a real good boy I may even send you some old stockings. Show me you’re that guy!

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