These are some of my favorite things.

I love how they feel on my skin. The way the elastic top fits tight around my thigh.

I love the way they feel as I walk when they brush together.

The feel of the delicate lines in the fabric as I stroke my fingers across.

The anticipation in a slaves breath as my stocking covered foot brushes across his face or across his bare chest.

Knowing that they retain my scent after wearing them. Knowing I could ship them anywhere in the world and any man who really really wanted to know… Could know.

How they feel in my high heals when I go on dates with men. Knowing that cuckolds and useless men long to smell them, worship them and Wear them

I will graciously accept all gift cards from my favorite lingerie store.

Just use my email address

Click here

If you want to purchase my worn stockings. Send email with tribute. Obviously the gift card mentioned above. That will start the conversation

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