Manifesting my desires #2

Sensual Massage.

Strong hands can lend themselves to massage.

When my muscles are tired they long to be rubbed.  Scented oils and dim lights can create a sense of calm.

With the right pressure and focus on some key spots i have caught myself almost drifting off.

An hour should be enough time if you don’t day dream and spend the whole time looking at my cock and tits.

Perhaps you should book two hours so that you can really spoil your Goddess.


The rest of her evening is not your concern. You can masturbate later knowing your massage will have in some small way helped make her evening more pleasurable.



When we are relaxed and feeling comfortable in my experience orgasms are longer and more enjoyable.




I will be considering potential dates for  January 15-18 with deposit.

State your intention in your email with a  brief introduction and I will provide the information to accommodate your deposit.


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