The playmate, muse, friend,

slave, sub, daddy, baby boy, or whatever label you want to wear. I simply don’t care.

Your purpose. My plaything, my muse, my provider.

I know my worth. I know who I am as a person. My integrity, my honesty, my compassion, my capacity for love, desire for kink, and almost uncontrollable sexuality.

I have played this pay to play game for long enough. Had the countless emails from potentials asking how much for this? How much for that?

I do the hourly game. Never watch the clock but know how it is. I don’t fault  it.  I sometimes kinda dig it.  The few men who respect that game. I enjoy playing with them.

I want more. I want a plaything or two, who understand the value of being mine. Who understands that they are special.  They are aware of the space i hold for them.

They are honest about desire. Truthful about what kink is to them. Vulnerable and exposed.

They are part of my life.  Someone who I enjoy spending social time.  Who fits in with my inner circle. They will be clean, well groomed, sharply dressed and smell nice.

They will be generous, confident and kind.  My friends will think holy fuck! What a catch!

I don’t  “need ” anything.  I desire experiences and fine food, a bit of shopping, High quality lingerie and leather,  pampering, nails and hair, maybe a bit of Botox. Why  not?

To travel to exotic places with woman. Yes! I especially like woman. The right muse can watch, serve, and witness the pleasure I experience with woman. They can share in that experience. How that looks will evolve in the flow.

The way I treat the woman I long for, desire….   I wow them! I show them my hand and I lay it all out there.  I don’t expect. I respect.

Will you wow me? Will you show me your hand? Will you prove your ability to provide? Will you be my muse?

prove  yourself here

If you would rather not use your credit card you can use Etransfer if in Canada

If that is an issue then you can send me an amazon gift card

Then send your email to and we can start the discussion.

Your tribute does not guarantee a selection. It shows intention and ability on your end. This is the first step in our shared experience.

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