Big changes with positive results!

The last while I have been working hard finding balance in my life.

Firstly I have taken charge of my media diet.  My personal time has been about learning yoga, working with meditation and breathing techniques to amplify my personal and shared experiences.

This can be applied to all of my daily pleasure experiences from going for a walk. grocery shopping, cooking, eating, qu gong (like tai chi), bathing, or any number of things, including domination activities and sexual connections.

I think the most important thing I have learned lately is that most, if not all of my daily activities are pleasurable.

Take the word work for instance: I’ve stopped using it.  I don’t go to work. I go to do an activity that I have chosen. This activity may produce rewards like money, compliments, feelings of accomplishment or even tiredness and burn out.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing during the day. When you start looking at all things as a choice that is when life gets exciting.

If you choose you can learn how to have better orgasms, edge or train to not prematurely ejaculate, breath in ways that will increase your pleasure experiences, or just talk openly about your sexuality and or preferences.  Role play games, tantra movements, prostate stimulation or breath work are also things I could help you with.

Please send me a message through the contact page. We can set up a date.

I can be your teacher!

Goddess Rianna

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