Manifesting my desires. Entry #1

Heavily masochistic bottoms.

 Like all things in the universe my desires go in waves.

It is time for the Sadist to come out!  I know it to be so when I find myself wanting to inflict pain on soft bottoms.

I imagine you in Jesus pose chained between the posts in the dungeon. On your knees with back exposed.  A slight warm up with leather floggers but not much.  Just enough to warm the skin. Get the nerves firing hot.  Then strait to the canes whips and wires.

I want to scratch, sting and bruise. I want to hear screaming and begging. I want to make you call out for me to stop. I will degrade you. Spit on you and call you the worst things I can think of.

The thought of you kneeling in your own spit, snot and tears makes me tingle with excitement.

The fact that you are paying me to destroy you and tear you down is simply intoxicating.

The fact that you will be wearing my mark for days if not weeks will sit warm in my mind during these cold winter months.

Come to me.

Show me your pain, show me your desire to serve and show me your vulnerability. for inquiry.

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