Funny Stories from behind the Scenes.

The insecure Gym Rat

Cocks aren’t everything!

This is a good one! These are the things you don’t always here and perhaps an example of why models like me are guarded with guys who say they want to get into the porn industry.

He was in good shape. Worked out hard. Nice big cock, and a kind demeanor. I thought wow he has all the things going for him. Why not give him a shot.

He had shot 2 scenes with my friend before, while I was running the camera. Everything had gone smoothly minus a bit of hard soft, hard soft and no cum shot both times.  The consensus was nerves. Its his first time in front of the lens. First time jitters are to be expected.

The next time he was to perform was with me. I was ready. We were going to shoot a pretty strait sex scene, you know just suck and fuck. I was pretty excited. I mean really…. He did have a very nice cock.

The scene was set, camera was rolling. My friend running the camera this time. I mean he had already shot with her. The issues shouldn’t be there this time around.

He couldn’t get hard. He was nervous. Perhaps it was the fact that he was crushing on the camera girl or….. I was rolling with it. This is no big deal I thought as I wiggled up to put my cock in his mouth. He turned his head away. I said “are you afraid of cock?” His answer was any cock that isn’t mine.

Who in the every loving fuck shoots porn with a trans girl and doesn’t suck cock? I never even though to ask. I do however think the asshat should have taken the few seconds to tell me. I would have sent him packing.

In my head I was thinking ” OK Rianna, you got this! Maintain your cool. You are a professional so lets just get a scene done and not waste the day.”

I calmly suggested we shoot the scene with a tripod. We can just do a sloppy blowjob scene with a bit of fucking. He was down. Seriously this guy just wanted to get his dick wet.

Tripod set up. Here we go again. This time he was able to get hard and things were going relatively smoothly. I had to work fucking hard. I mean I seriously whore’d it up for this guy. Throat fucking, panting, etc. Doing all the sexy.

It took a long while and after my jaw was sore I asked him to stroke it off.  Which is no big deal. Lots of people stroke out the cum shot in porn. Even me.

Here it comes baby. Finally he is going to cum. He is standing on the bed and I am kneeling in front of him looking up with throat lube streaming down my chin and……… spirt. one little tiny shot of jizz pops out. Seriously guys. This was the smallest amount of jizz I have seen in my life. He gets down off the bed looks at me and says “sorry about that. I guess I shoudn’t have jerked off 3 times earlier today.

Well now we know what happened in the 2 scenes with my friend.

This is why models are guarded when it comes to new male models. Guys like this are making it harder and harder for all of you!

When all was said and done. I did get the scene. Not because of anything this stunt cock did. He will remain nameless if I ever post the scene to my site.

At the very least you guys will know what kind of an awesome blowjob I give and how hard I work to bring you the porn you know and love.