What are you doing NOW?

A check in post to those who have been kind to me online and to those who have shared in my personal experience in a positive, fun and sexy way!  Also to those who are bumping into my little part of the matrix for the first time…

How are you doing? Are you checking in with family and friends? Are you taking time for calm and quiet?  These are the things I will be doing in the next couple of days.

Each of us is having a unique experience and at the same time we are all having a shared experience. Nothing has changed in this regard.  What has changed in this moment (now) unique to previous now’s is the shared story affecting our shared experience.

Thinking back to previous now’s, I can personally recall times of fear and times of unsettled states of awareness. I can also recall times of feeling that I have had a compete lack of understanding of what was going on in the world around me and being reliant on media to provide clear unbiased information. There has also been times where I believed everything that was spoon fed to me by mainstream media.

I can think of many movies and TV shows that have very accurately reflected the current now. I have watched shows and experienced the same feelings that I know many are experiencing now from watching any number of chosen media outlets.

I can feel this phenomenon in my gut, and in my heart. The current human awareness is that of fear and hurting coupled with the uncertainty of an unknown future.

The story may be different in this now than previous,  but in some respects things remain very much the same. Life is uncertain. Life has always been uncertain.

I think of the times that I actually knew what my future would look like. I can’t think of any! I look at times when, in looking back I pulled old stories forward affecting the quality of my experience now.

I will be taking a few days to go inward.  I will be meditating and taking trips into the forest.  I will be disconnecting and unplugging.

When I come back and reconnect to social media. I am planning on making myself available in a number of ways for just hanging out, chatting or just simply listening.

I will be available in a non-sexual nature to those who would like some company and social connection.

I will be expecting mature, thoughtful messages regarding any desires to connect with me.

My shows on Chaturbate when I return will be about connection, fun, conversation and any excuse to giggle.

I am sure that I will not be able to refrain from some level of naughtiness 🙂

If you are concerned about cash flow, don’t worry. Do get involved and communicate.  We all are needing a good laugh and some contagious smiles! Yes. Smiles are also contagious! Pass them on as much as humanly possible. Every single chance you get!

My one suggestion to anyone who wants it.  Stay present. Don’t spend much time worrying about the future. When you arrive in the future it will be Now.

Make this moment right now the best it can be.

With Loving Awareness,  Kindness and Gratitude.

Rianna James

Run In My Stockings.

I wear stockings almost every day at some point. I simply love how they feel on my skin. I love how they feel against other fabrics. I love how they feel when I run my hands over them.  I love how they feel against a man’s face!

I love how they look, how they frame my ass, how they peek out from under my skirt.

I can usually get three wears out of my stockings if I’m lucky. At times I put a run in them as I’m putting them on or when I’m wearing a nice pair of pumps. You’re thinking of how my stockings smell after a night in pumps aren’t you? Naughty naughty!

A run in my stockings creates a bit of frustration on days when I have a date.  When that happens I have to run out and grab some less than perfect stockings.

The simple solution would be two fold:

  1. More pedicures – Smooth, freshly pedicured toes have less chance of snagging the stockings as I am slowly rolling them over my feet and up my long curvy legs.  Imagine the shine of my freshly painted toes under the sheer material.
  2. More stockings – I am not sure if it is a more issue or perhaps a quality issue? I think a true stocking fetishist like you would know a place to buy your Goddess some next level stockings.

Is that you reading this? Are you the one who knows the place to buy some next level stockings?

Do you want to see your Goddess in these stockings you crave?

You may know of some other online stores to get what you crave but if you don’t, I have created a wish list at Secrets in Lace below.


For pedicures, this is my favorite place:

Spa on 4th

Be a good boy! Brighten my day with your generosity.

If you are a real good boy I may even send you some old stockings. Show me you’re that guy!


These are some of my favorite things.

I love how they feel on my skin. The way the elastic top fits tight around my thigh.

I love the way they feel as I walk when they brush together.

The feel of the delicate lines in the fabric as I stroke my fingers across.

The anticipation in a slaves breath as my stocking covered foot brushes across his face or across his bare chest.

Knowing that they retain my scent after wearing them. Knowing I could ship them anywhere in the world and any man who really really wanted to know… Could know.

How they feel in my high heals when I go on dates with men. Knowing that cuckolds and useless men long to smell them, worship them and Wear them

I will graciously accept all gift cards from my favorite lingerie store.

Just use my goddessrianna@gmail.com email address

Click here

If you want to purchase my worn stockings. Send email with tribute. Obviously the gift card mentioned above. That will start the conversation

Manifesting my desires #2

Sensual Massage.

Strong hands can lend themselves to massage.

When my muscles are tired they long to be rubbed.  Scented oils and dim lights can create a sense of calm.

With the right pressure and focus on some key spots i have caught myself almost drifting off.

An hour should be enough time if you don’t day dream and spend the whole time looking at my cock and tits.

Perhaps you should book two hours so that you can really spoil your Goddess.


The rest of her evening is not your concern. You can masturbate later knowing your massage will have in some small way helped make her evening more pleasurable.



When we are relaxed and feeling comfortable in my experience orgasms are longer and more enjoyable.




I will be considering potential dates for  January 15-18 with deposit.

State your intention in your email with a  brief introduction and I will provide the information to accommodate your deposit.


“I am a top with a foot fetish will you see me? “

I get many requests from tops looking to book sessions. Guys who want to fuck me.

Lets be clear. I am dominant, I am confident, I know a man’s place is in service to woman. All woman!

I like dick.

That should clear up any misconceptions you were having.

I am often contacted by a certain kind of man. They believe that they are the one who will blow my mind with a magnificent cock and sexual stamina.

Private messages on social media. “I will rock your world baby”, “I will drain you baby”,  ” I will blah blah blah…

I have heard it all. lol

I had an experience this past week that I very much enjoyed. He claimed to be a top and in his experience that meant that he was the pitcher rather than the catcher, if you catch my drift.

When it comes with a quiet unassuming confidence and willingness to ask for guidance. A willingness to ask how I would like to be pleased. To fuck me with an intent to worship. A complete surrender of your cock for my pleasure.

Imagine.  Just imagine. Your fingers gliding across my soft supple skin. The subtle indent in my lower back where your hand rests as I push back on you. As I push my hips open onto your solid stance.

Your cock pulsing as I grind up on you. You only need to hold steady and let me own that rod.

It is a rare occasion that I even get past the vain introductions.

His intro message was:

“Hi my name is _____ I saw your add.

I am a top who has a foot fetish.

I would love to come Sunday morning but if that doesn’t work Wednesday afternoon also works.”

We decided on a time.

When he arrived at my door he was holding a package and had a kind smile.

He said,”Hello, is was OK to hug.  What shall I call you?”

This was off to a good start. I invited him into the dungeon. I could see in his eyes: shock. He was looking at the spanking bench and the wall of impact toys.

That kind of play was very much not his jam.

I tell ya what. Lets go upstairs. I think it will be much more comfortable in my room. He smiled and responded, “I really just want to please you and admire your feet.”

We hit my room and he had his shirt off. His body was well groomed. Chest hair and pubic hair trimmed short and smooth as I like.  As I sat on the edge of my four poster bed and watched him take his pants down I noticed his cock and balls were shaved as well. This is turning out quite nice.

He asked me calmly and in a sweet way, “Is it OK for me to touch you? Can I touch your skin. Touch your breasts.” Why would he ask? Respect. That is why.

My nipples were hard just from him asking. He had been smiling brightly since he walked though the door and I had been as well.  Smiles are contagious.

As he traced his hands over my skin. Gently touching and exploring he continued to ask. Can I touch your ass? Can I kiss your neck? Can I take off you shoes?

This young man had been around respect. I am not sure how much sexual experience he had. It didn’t matter. He had manners. He had a clear understanding of respect.

He was hard.

Really hard.

I was ready. Really ready. He wanted it one way. He entered me while I laid on my back with my feet in his face so he could worship them as he thrusted.

“Is the pace okay? Is my rhythm okay?”, he asked, as I had my first orgasm. All the while he had his kind smile.  I was in just the right position that each time he thrusted his cock head pushed against my prostate. He was fucking me firmly but with a gentle push at the end. Just as I had instructed.

He will be back.

Manifesting my desires. Entry #1

Heavily masochistic bottoms.

 Like all things in the universe my desires go in waves.

It is time for the Sadist to come out!  I know it to be so when I find myself wanting to inflict pain on soft bottoms.

I imagine you in Jesus pose chained between the posts in the dungeon. On your knees with back exposed.  A slight warm up with leather floggers but not much.  Just enough to warm the skin. Get the nerves firing hot.  Then strait to the canes whips and wires.

I want to scratch, sting and bruise. I want to hear screaming and begging. I want to make you call out for me to stop. I will degrade you. Spit on you and call you the worst things I can think of.

The thought of you kneeling in your own spit, snot and tears makes me tingle with excitement.

The fact that you are paying me to destroy you and tear you down is simply intoxicating.

The fact that you will be wearing my mark for days if not weeks will sit warm in my mind during these cold winter months.

Come to me.

Show me your pain, show me your desire to serve and show me your vulnerability.

goddessrianna@gmail.com for inquiry.

A tribute is requested to show intention and ability to pay.  Link below

Tribute page

If you cannot use credit card ask for options to tribute in your email.






The playmate, muse, friend,

slave, sub, daddy, baby boy, or whatever label you want to wear. I simply don’t care.

Your purpose. My plaything, my muse, my provider.

I know my worth. I know who I am as a person. My integrity, my honesty, my compassion, my capacity for love, desire for kink, and almost uncontrollable sexuality.

I have played this pay to play game for long enough. Had the countless emails from potentials asking how much for this? How much for that?

I do the hourly game. Never watch the clock but know how it is. I don’t fault  it.  I sometimes kinda dig it.  The few men who respect that game. I enjoy playing with them.

I want more. I want a plaything or two, who understand the value of being mine. Who understands that they are special.  They are aware of the space i hold for them.

They are honest about desire. Truthful about what kink is to them. Vulnerable and exposed.

They are part of my life.  Someone who I enjoy spending social time.  Who fits in with my inner circle. They will be clean, well groomed, sharply dressed and smell nice.

They will be generous, confident and kind.  My friends will think holy fuck! What a catch!

I don’t  “need ” anything.  I desire experiences and fine food, a bit of shopping, High quality lingerie and leather,  pampering, nails and hair, maybe a bit of Botox. Why  not?

To travel to exotic places with woman. Yes! I especially like woman. The right muse can watch, serve, and witness the pleasure I experience with woman. They can share in that experience. How that looks will evolve in the flow.

The way I treat the woman I long for, desire….   I wow them! I show them my hand and I lay it all out there.  I don’t expect. I respect.

Will you wow me? Will you show me your hand? Will you prove your ability to provide? Will you be my muse?

prove  yourself here

If you would rather not use your credit card you can use Etransfer if in Canada

If that is an issue then you can send me an amazon gift card

Then send your email to goddessrianna@gmail.com and we can start the discussion.

Your tribute does not guarantee a selection. It shows intention and ability on your end. This is the first step in our shared experience.

Dates are an experience.

Just a basic guide line is all we should need.  The desire to create should hold the most weight.

An idea, the spark.

With a particular feeling in the air. The mood is set with lighting and sound.

Both experiences are enhanced with anticipation. What better way to have anticipation if you throw out the script.

if you use breath with intention you can create mood with energy.

Your partner is elevated or excited for the experience and their breath has quickened. A bit of eye contact and a brush on the skin you can pull them to your pace. As your breath unites and becomes rhythmic.

A touch of tongue, a wisp of a finger. A touch of the flogger.

Big changes with positive results!

The last while I have been working hard finding balance in my life.

Firstly I have taken charge of my media diet.  My personal time has been about learning yoga, working with meditation and breathing techniques to amplify my personal and shared experiences.

This can be applied to all of my daily pleasure experiences from going for a walk. grocery shopping, cooking, eating, qu gong (like tai chi), bathing, or any number of things, including domination activities and sexual connections.

I think the most important thing I have learned lately is that most, if not all of my daily activities are pleasurable.

Take the word work for instance: I’ve stopped using it.  I don’t go to work. I go to do an activity that I have chosen. This activity may produce rewards like money, compliments, feelings of accomplishment or even tiredness and burn out.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing during the day. When you start looking at all things as a choice that is when life gets exciting.

If you choose you can learn how to have better orgasms, edge or train to not prematurely ejaculate, breath in ways that will increase your pleasure experiences, or just talk openly about your sexuality and or preferences.  Role play games, tantra movements, prostate stimulation or breath work are also things I could help you with.

Please send me a message through the contact page. We can set up a date.

I can be your teacher!

Goddess Rianna

Your Fantasy Fulfilled!

Thanks for stopping by.

If you have seen Rianna James on Chaturbate, or met her in person you would already know that she is  a fun upbeat person.  She doesn’t put up with crap and is in no way submissive.  One thing she is! KIND! You get back what you put out! This is absolute TRUTH!

From Miss Rianna herself.

I see clients in person. It doesn’t come cheep. I value my time and have a ton of self worth and love.  You will get no deals here. What you will get is an experience like no other. That is if you have the balls to be honest about what you really want!

Take a moment to read What to expect  That is where you will find out about how I play.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog and my members site.

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