“I am a top with a foot fetish will you see me? “

I get many requests from tops looking to book sessions. Guys who want to fuck me.

Lets be clear. I am dominant, I am confident, I know a man’s place is in service to woman. All woman!

I like dick.

That should clear up any misconceptions you were having.

I am often contacted by a certain kind of man. They believe that they are the one who will blow my mind with a magnificent cock and sexual stamina.

Private messages on social media. “I will rock your world baby”, “I will drain you baby”,  ” I will blah blah blah…

I have heard it all. lol

I had an experience this past week that I very much enjoyed. He claimed to be a top and in his experience that meant that he was the pitcher rather than the catcher, if you catch my drift.

When it comes with a quiet unassuming confidence and willingness to ask for guidance. A willingness to ask how I would like to be pleased. To fuck me with an intent to worship. A complete surrender of your cock for my pleasure.

Imagine.  Just imagine. Your fingers gliding across my soft supple skin. The subtle indent in my lower back where your hand rests as I push back on you. As I push my hips open onto your solid stance.

Your cock pulsing as I grind up on you. You only need to hold steady and let me own that rod.

It is a rare occasion that I even get past the vain introductions.

His intro message was:

“Hi my name is _____ I saw your add.

I am a top who has a foot fetish.

I would love to come Sunday morning but if that doesn’t work Wednesday afternoon also works.”

We decided on a time.

When he arrived at my door he was holding a package and had a kind smile.

He said,”Hello, is was OK to hug.  What shall I call you?”

This was off to a good start. I invited him into the dungeon. I could see in his eyes: shock. He was looking at the spanking bench and the wall of impact toys.

That kind of play was very much not his jam.

I tell ya what. Lets go upstairs. I think it will be much more comfortable in my room. He smiled and responded, “I really just want to please you and admire your feet.”

We hit my room and he had his shirt off. His body was well groomed. Chest hair and pubic hair trimmed short and smooth as I like.  As I sat on the edge of my four poster bed and watched him take his pants down I noticed his cock and balls were shaved as well. This is turning out quite nice.

He asked me calmly and in a sweet way, “Is it OK for me to touch you? Can I touch your skin. Touch your breasts.” Why would he ask? Respect. That is why.

My nipples were hard just from him asking. He had been smiling brightly since he walked though the door and I had been as well.  Smiles are contagious.

As he traced his hands over my skin. Gently touching and exploring he continued to ask. Can I touch your ass? Can I kiss your neck? Can I take off you shoes?

This young man had been around respect. I am not sure how much sexual experience he had. It didn’t matter. He had manners. He had a clear understanding of respect.

He was hard.

Really hard.

I was ready. Really ready. He wanted it one way. He entered me while I laid on my back with my feet in his face so he could worship them as he thrusted.

“Is the pace okay? Is my rhythm okay?”, he asked, as I had my first orgasm. All the while he had his kind smile.  I was in just the right position that each time he thrusted his cock head pushed against my prostate. He was fucking me firmly but with a gentle push at the end. Just as I had instructed.

He will be back.

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